Feed Your Blue Devils

The Blue Devil Nutrition Program allows members of the Tift County Touchdown Club, coaches, parents, and the community to work together to provide a nutrition program aimed at building a championship Blue Devil football team.

Strength training, rest, and a proper diet are all needed to optimize growth of lean muscle mass. With diet and strength training, weight gain of up to 15% per year is not uncommon for high school male athletes. Many young athletes do not receive adequate nutrition needed for these gains. Our nutrition program seeks to assist in supplying a sufficient amount of nutritional food and supplements to our student-athletes to help them reach their full potential.

This effort is dependent on contributions and donations from our community and 100% of contributions go directly toward providing the proper nutrition for our Blue Devil football team.Please join our effort to provide our Blue Devils with the opportunity to develop and maintain a championship program.

To help reach this goal, we are offering membership into the Touchdown Club by donations of meals (as close to cost as possible) during the football season (Monday - Wednesday nights). In return, we want to help promote your business. Information on membership is available in the registration forms.


Awaken Church Feeds Blue Devils

August 21, 2019

Thanks so much for feeding our Tift County Blue Devils!  We appreciate you so much!


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Membership   in the Nutriei tion Program  includes:

  • Membership  in the TouchDown club (with membership  level benefits)
  • 2’x3’  banner  or  9.5”  x  16.5” counter  display  (customized w/  logo)
  • Advertisement   on the Touchdown Club  Facebook page
  • Stadium  announcement  during  the  Friday night game

Blue Devil Nutrition Program

Jason Brock (229) 520-9811 or jbrock@uga.edu